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Kagurazaka is a small area in the center of Tokyo, near IIdabashi station at the intersection of Tozai line and Nanboku line(subway). JR Chuo and Sobu lines also run at IIdabashi. The last ten years this area has come to be more and more popular because of its scent of Japanese culture and a lot of gourmet spots, not only Japanese cuisine but French, Italian, and some others. The size of the town is so compact and not much crowded that it is good for 2-3 hours' strolling to find your own favorites. Accommodations for tourists with reasonable prices are also available here. Please stay at Kagurazaka as a base for exploration of Tokyo and enjoy this cute town! You can find a lot of tips in this website for you. (English map is available here)

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Ukiyo-e print of KAGURAZAKA in Edo era

Kagurazaka History

Why has Kagurazaka become a prosperous town as it is now? Let us review a little bit the history of the town for 400 years.

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Ukiyo-e print of Fukagawa kagai in Edo era

What is "Kagai"

Kagurazaka is famous as one of Tokyo's six major Kagais. Do you know what Kagai is? It is Japan's unique culture and customs.

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Picture of Kagurazaka alley


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This is a link from English Blog "Kagurazaka stroll" where we introduce restaurants, shops and the culture in Kagurazaka.

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