Recommended stroll routes

Kagurazaka has various attraction such as history, culture, gourmet etc. Here are several recommended stroll routes, and how about enjoying strolling in Kagurazaka with a map in your hand in accordance with your own interest?

Kagai route

Necessary time: 45 minutes


Kagurazaka has had the prosperous history as Kagai since Meiji era, and you can find old town arrangement in stone-paving alleys and narrow paths. This route mainly shows you the area which once was Kagai, and some remaining shops or places in deep relation with the world.

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History route

Necessary time: 60 minutes


Initial important developments in this area was inviting the Akagi shrine in the 14th century and building the Ushigome fortress in the 15th century. Besides, this route shows you some historical records from which you can feel the time from Edo era to now.

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Temples and Shrines route

Necessary time: 60 minutes


There exist many temples and shrines in Kagurazaka, some are old and some are new, some attract young women. Out of these temples/shrines are selected the five most famous ones to make this route. This is the best route to collect lucky calligraphy.

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